Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blogging toward Sunday

Saul on the Road to Damascus; via Wikimedia Commons

On the journey toward Sunday, take time to read John 21:1-19 and then answer the following:
  1. What does Peter say that he is going to do?
  2. How do his friends respond?
  3. How is this encounter with Jesus different than recent encounters?
Now read Acts 9:1-20. 
  1. In the conversion story of Saul, what strikes you as most important?
  2. If you could speak to Saul today, what one question might you ask him about this time in his life?
May your journey toward Sunday be enriched by the following poem entitled "It is the Lord," by David Adams.

It is the Lord, in the dawning,
in the renewal,
in the arrival, in the new day.

It is the Lord, in the crows,
in the church,
in the conversation,
in the crisis.

It is the Lord, in our joys,
in our sorrows,
in our sickness,
in our health.

It is the Lord, in the stable,
in the humble,
in the stranger,
in the poor.

It is the Lord, risen and returned,
alive for evermore,
giving me new life,
saving me in strive.
It is the Lord.

Blessings on your week.

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