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Blogging through May

Blogging through May

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In preparation for worship during the month of May, I hope you will set aside time to reflect on the Scripture readings for each Sunday. Personally, I am really looking forward to our Pentecost worship service May 24th. I hope you are, too!

For May 3, 2015: Using the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina, slowly and prayerfully read John 15:1-8. After a moment of silence, reflect on what touches you most about this passage. Read through the text a second time, followed by a moment of silence. Then ask yourself these questions: "Through this reading, what is God revealing to me about my own spiritual life? Is a change needed? If so, what?"

For May 10, 2015: Read John 15:9-17 at least two times, and reflect on what speaks to you from this passage of Scripture. Then consider the following:
  1.  How do we abide in the Father’s love?
  2. What is Jesus’ commandment to his followers?
  3.  How is God’s grace made evident in this text?

In preparation for worship May 17, 2015: Read Acts 1:15-17, 21-26 and John 17:6-19. Keeping in mind that this is the Sunday before we celebrate Pentecost, reflect on the following:
  1. From Acts, after Christ’s ascension, what “business” do the disciples take care of and how do they do it?
  2. From John, in this prayer to his Abba Father, Jesus prays for his disciples. What requests does he make?

For May 24, 2015: Read Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Acts 2:1-21. This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church. As you prepare for worship, consider how you have witnessed the Holy Spirit working in your life, in the life of others, in the life of CHPC. Then, in a time of prayer and thanksgiving, ask God for eyes to see the Spirit working in ways, in people, and in places you might be overlooking.

For May 31, 2015: Read Psalm 29 and John 16:12-15. On this day the church celebrates Trinity Sunday. 
  1. When you consider the doctrine of the Trinity, how do you imagine God as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit? 
  2. How might you explain the Triune nature of God to a child? 
  3. Do you find yourself more comfortable with one person of the Trinity? If so, why?
As always, I look forward to being with you each Sunday to worship our Great and Holy God!


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