Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blogging toward Sunday

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Our Lenten journey comes to an end as we travel through the last week of Jesus' earthly life. Maundy Thursday we will sit around tables to enjoy fellowship and good food. Then we will sing hymns, read Scripture, and partake of Communion. 

Good Friday we will gather at the church once more to ponder the last hours of Jesus' life. It will be a somber and holy occasion. Yet, how can we truly celebration our Lord's resurrection if we do not first sit and gaze at our Jesus, hanging from a cross?

As Christians on this side of Easter, we know there is hope for Sunday is coming! Praise God! With hope flooding our hearts we will worship together Easter morning. In preparation, spend some time this week prayerfully reading John 20:1-18. I encourage you to read it through several times, reflecting on the following:
  1. At what time of day does Mary come to the tomb?
  2. How is this significant?
  3. Who else is mentioned in this narrative?
  4. Are you surprised that Jesus first appeared to a woman? 
  5. What does Jesus tell Mary to do?
  6. In your spiritual life, how do you show the world that you "have seen the Lord"?
Image via Wikimedia Commons
As your pastor, it is my hope that you will participate in our Holy Week services. It is my prayer that each service will bless you, encourage you, and through the Holy Spirit, empower you to go forth as bold disciples of our Risen Savior. 

May you never forget that you have been blessed to be a blessing. 

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