Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blogging toward Sunday

The third of our 6-week sermon series on nature allows us an opportunity to 
consider the importance of trees in Scripture. 

Garden of Gethsemane via Wikimedia Commons
As you prepare for worship, slowly and prayerfully read Psalm 1 and then consider the following:
  1. Who are "like trees" in this text? 
  2. Where are they planted? 
  3. What is their function?
Turn to Genesis 1. Read through the chapter until you find a reference to trees. In what verse do you find the word "trees" for the first time? Read Deuteronomy 20:19-20. What do you learn about trees in this text?

Now turn to Luke 13:6-9:
  1. Read through the passage once. 
  2. While imagining you are the tree in the story, read it again. 
  3. Finally, meditate upon this question: Today, if Jesus came digging around your "soil," what evidence of fruit-bearing would he find?

I pray you are having a wonderful week, keeping dry when the rains pour, and enjoying the sun when it shines!


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