Monday, July 1, 2013

Blogging toward Sunday

Image of The Sea of Galilee via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday we begin a six-week sermon series on Nature. We will consider images and/or stories of water, mountains, trees, birds, animals and the overall message creation speaks to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. In readiness, instead of the usual Blog contents, I will provide mostly pictures and poetry, with a few key Scripture verses to help you along the way.  Hopefully, you will journey through the next 6 weeks with an "eye" toward God in nature.

Key Texts: Genesis 1 and Psalm 8. May these passages give you a starting place to ponder the wonder of God's creation, in general, and the theme of water found in God's Word, in particular.

The following is a Water Prayer that recognizes our misuse of this life-giving resource. May it be our prayer this week:

Loving God,
whose son Jesus Christ
called all who were thirsty
to come to him, believe and drink,
Look in mercy
on your people living in dry lands, and
struggling to survive without access to
safe drinking water.
Forgive our selfishness in life and our
misuse of
our natural resources.
We commit ourselves to value and care
for your gifts to us.
May rivers of living water
and practical compassion for all who
suffer flow out from our hearts.
Refreshed by your Spirit,
and following in the way of Jesus
We will continue to serve you
in the people and creation entrusted to
our care.

(Adapted from a prayer by Rev Canon Paul Robertson 2004)

May the Lord bless you this 4th of July week. I look forward to our Sunday worship, especially as we gather around the waters of our baptism to confess our sins, and around the Table of our Lord to partake of  Holy Communion.


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