Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blogging toward Sunday

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Readings for Sunday, August 19th include 1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14 and John 6:51-58.

King David dies and it is his son, Solomon, who takes over his throne. Carefully read the passage and then consider the following: 
  1. From the beginning, how is Solomon described?
  2. What clue (or foreshadowing) is provided in verse 3 that hints at upcoming problems for Solomon?
  3. How did the Lord appear to Solomon?
  4. Do you think God still speaks to people in this fashion? Why or why not?
Now, turning to the Gospel of John, the theme is once again: Jesus, the Bread of Life. Prayerfully read the text. Afterward, reflect on these tidbits of information:
  1. In the Gospel of John, there are no words of institution regarding the celebration of the Lord's Table. However, this portion of Scripture is widely accepted as the narrative discourse on the Bread of Life--in other words, these are the words of institution for John.
  2. In the NRSV, note the repetition of words like "abide," "living," and "live," found in verses 56 and 57.
  3. Jesus' words are quite graphic: "eat my flesh," "drink my blood..." 
  4. Jesus' words foreshadow his own death, when his life-blood will cease to flow and he will, in fact, give his life for the world. (see verse 51)
Now that you have read the text and reflected upon the comments above, read through John 6:51-58 once more.  What new insights have you gained? What new questions do you have?

On our journey toward Sunday, may God deliver fresh new insights to our hearts and minds so that we may worship together in Spirit and in truth. 

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