Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogging through October

We start the month of October by celebrating World Communion Sunday. What a wonderful way to begin thinking about the coming fall harvest and God's great generosity. Throughout the month, take time to prepare for worship by referring to this post each week. Reflect on the readings and questions or comments. Then, let us gather on The Lord's Day to sing, pray, listen, and commune with our Holy and Loving God. 

October 5, 2014
World Communion Sunday (originally called World Wide Communion Sunday) is a gift of the Presbyterian Church to the larger ecumenical church. The first celebration occurred at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburg, PA in 1933. Dr. Hugh Thompson Kerr, who presided over the first service, had this to say, several years later, "The concept spread very slowly at the start. People did not give it a whole lot of thought. It was during the Second World War that the spirit caught hold, because we were trying to hold the world together. World Wide Communion symbolized the effort to hold things together, in a spiritual sense. It emphasized that we are one in the Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus Christ." In preparation for this Sunday's worship, meditate on ways the very act of dining at The Lord's Table feeds you spiritually and brings you closer to people all over the globe. 

October 12, 2014
Read Matthew 22:1-14 and then consider the following:
  1. In this text, what does Jesus say the kingdom of heaven is like?
  2. Who are invited to the banquet?
  3. What strikes you as most important about this reading?
  4. About what would you like to know more?
October 19, 2014
Read Matthew 22:15-22.
  1. What agenda do the Pharisees have in this reading?
  2. Who joins them in their endeavor?
  3. At the end of the day, what are the "things that are God's"?

October 26, 2014   ("Glory to God" Hymnal Dedication)
Read Exodus 15:20-21 and Revelation 19:1-8 and then consider the following:
Herein, songs are sung to worship God. Take a moment to reflect on other songs that are recorded in Scripture. In this day and time, what song do you sing to God? With words? With music? With your very life?
As always, I look forward to worshiping with you each Sunday morning. Come along, and bring a friend.


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