Monday, November 25, 2013

Blogging toward Sunday

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December 1, 2013 marks the beginning of Advent; the beginning of the new church year. 
Prior to Sunday take time to read Isaiah 2:1-5 and Matthew 24:36-44. As you likely know already, throughout Advent I will be preaching a sermon series guided by Scripture and Bonnie Thurston's book, To Everything a Season. 

In preparation for worship, consider the following: 
  1. How do I think of "time"? 
  2. How do I live in a world in which there never seems to be enough time?
  3. "Children view time differently." How might you respond to this statement?
Spend some time pondering the following prayer written by Kate McIlhagga:

Pregnant with hope
Now is a time of watching and waiting
a time pregnant with hope
a time to watch and pray.

Christ our advent hope,
bare brown trees,
etched dark across a winter sky,
leaves fallen, rustling,
ground hard and cold,
remind us to prepare for your coming;
remind us to prepare for the time
when the soles of your feet will touch the ground,
when you will become one of us
to be at one with us.

May we watch for the signs,
listen for the messenger,
wait for the good news to slip
into our worlds, our lives.
Christ our advent hope,
help us to clear the way for you;
to clear the clutter from our minds,
to sift the silt from our hearts,
to move the boulders that prevent us meeting you.

Help us to make straight the highways,
to unravel the deception that leads to war,
to release those in captivity.
May sorrow take flight,
and your people sing a song of peace
and hope be born again.

As always, I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday. In the meantime, I pray you have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Advent,

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