Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blogging toward Sunday

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The Lectionary readings for Sunday include Ruth 1:1-18 and Mark 12:28-34.

In preparation for worship, I invite you to find a nice, comfy place to sit with your Bible and journal (or whatever you like to use to write down thoughts, prayers, etc.). First, consider Ruth. Read through the passage and note what intrigues you. Jot it down. Read through the passage a second time, slowly and prayerfully. Do you come away with any new learning this time? If so, make note of it. 

Now, consider the following:
  1. What is your favorite part of the story of Ruth?
  2. Generally, how does our culture portray the relationship between a daughter and her mother-in-law?
  3. In what ways is this story extraordinary?
Let us turn to the gospel reading. Using the same method, read through the text at least twice. Note what strikes you about Jesus' encounter with this religious expert.

Now, consider the following:
  1.  How is this interaction between Jesus and a religious expert different than most?
  2. What was the confrontation over in the text just prior to this reading?
  3. Why do you think no one asked Jesus any more questions after this episode?
Take a few moments to examine your own faith journey. How have you lived a life loving God and loving others? Take a moment to confess to God those times when you have failed to be loving--toward God, toward others, toward yourself. Then rest in God's mercy and love. Take a moment to give thanks for those times when God has empowered you to be loving--toward God, toward others, toward yourself. Then rest in God's strength and grace. Yes, you are a beloved child of God, whom day by day God is forming into the person God wishes you to be. Thanks be to God!

Remember that Sunday we celebrate All Saints' Day. I look forward to seeing you then.


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