Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blogging toward Sunday

The Lectionary readings for Sunday, April 22 include Acts 3:12-19 and Luke 24:36b-48.

We are in the 3rd week of the Easter Season and what lovely days we have been having here in Colonial Heights, VA. The lovely mornings are prime time for porch-sitting. The warm evenings again beckon us to notice the beauty of God's creation. In this season of Easter-time, perhaps one way that we can be more fully aware of resurrection in the life of Jesus is to keep on the look-out for resurrection all around us--in nature as well as in our own lives.

This week as you prepare for Sunday worship, take time to read both texts. You will have a fuller grasp of the passage from Acts if you begin reading at verse 1. Take time to read verses 1-19 one time through. Then, after a moment of reflection, read verses 12-19 again. In light of what is happening in the life of the early church, consider the following: 
  1. How has Peter been changed?
  2. What is the evidence of this change in Peter?
  3. How is God named in this text?
Now, turn to the passage from Luke. Read through Luke 24:36b-48 once. After a moment of silent reflection, read through it again. Then answer the following:
  1. What speaks to you in this reading?
  2. About what would you like to know more?
It's interesting that our Easter gospel reading came from the Gospel of Mark; last Sunday's from the Gospel of John; this week's from the Gospel of Luke. How do the resurrection stories differ? How are they the same? What important perspective does each writer bring to the table?

As I reflect on this week's readings, I am intrigued by the way in which both Acts and Luke speak of the ancestors of the Jewish faith tradition. Surely Jesus' resurrection is a fulfillment of what had been written about in the past. I am interested in the way Peter has been changed from a disciple who denied Jesus to one who is speaking so boldly he is putting himself in danger now. No more hiding behind closed doors again for Peter.

As you journey toward Sunday, may these two questions keep you company: How have you been transformed by Jesus? How are you a witness for Christ in the world?

I look forward to seeing you in worship.


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