Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogging toward Sunday

Our Lectionary readings for Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday include 2 Kings 2:1-12 and Mark 9:2-9.

Each Tuesday I have the privilege of meeting with a Lectionary group made up of pastors in the area. What a wonderful time we have breaking bread, sharing stories and then exploring God's Holy Word together. Today we examined Mark 9:2-9. It is the story of Jesus taking Peter, James and John with him to the mountain top. There Jesus talks with Elijah and Moses and there, the inner circle of disciples are terrified by the glory of God. Out of our time of prayerfully reading about the Transfiguration, some excellent questions arose. I hope that you will take ample time this week with the gospel reading and reflect on the following (just as I will be doing as I journey toward the sermon). 

  1. Why are Peter, James, and John included on this adventure?
  2. What compelled Peter to offer to build three dwellings?
  3. Does it seem like Peter interrupts Jesus and then God interrupts Peter?
  4. Was this like an old fashioned Homecoming for Jesus, Moses and Elijah?
  5. What might they have discussed?
  6. For whose benefit was the Transfiguration, really?
Transfiguration of the Lord Sunday is the last Sunday before the beginning of Lent. In the cycle of the church year, this is the high point prior to some very dark days in the life and ministry of Jesus. It might behoove us to stop and consider how this event may have prepared Jesus for the days ahead. And then follow that thought with this one: How will we prepare for our own journey toward Easter and the Risen Savior?

I offer you the following poem for your spiritual enrichment. (From Australian Accents by Bruce Prewer).

Baptized by the Morning
Risen Lord Jesus,
as the rising sun
baptizes trees and shrubs
in rippling light,
let me be baptized
by your resurrection light.

May I
trust in you above all else,
hope in you above all other goals,
seek you in all things,
find you in every situation,
meet you among all people,
know you over everything--

And love you with adoration
beyond all telling.

As always, I look forward to seeing you in worship on Sunday.

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